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Restaurant Coupons & Codes

Digital Restaurant Codes

(scroll right to Left, and up and down to view the sheet below
Remember there are over 400 saving opportunities)

Read this as it will help to process your order

1- Simply scroll the list and select the desired offers

2- Make sure to note and indicate when ordering that in the "Offer Value Column" multiple options are available.

3- The "% Savings Columm" provides the savings amount off the offer value amount

4- You can determine the cost of the selections yourself by simply by doing the math. For example - if you want a $25 offer value and the "% savings column" indicates "50" that means you will get 50% off of $25 and the amount you pay is 50% ($25 X 50 = $12.50). Conversely, if the "% savings column" indicated "40" - it would mean you take a 40% savings and the amount you would pay would be represented by 60%, and determined by the math of $25 X 60 = $15.00. Thus the amount to pay is $15.

5- Once you have made your selections please send the order information to: morevaluecoupons@gmail.com

When you write be sure to include the following for each selected item:
    A- The line number of the item you want to order
    B- The name of the item
    C- The value amount you want to order
    D- The percentage off for that itemm

6- When I receive your email I will calculate the cost of the order and will reply as soon as possible with payment instructions.

7- All offers are digital and are delivered as codes or attachments to your email address.

8- The offers are good and warranted for 7 days - the credit balance may last longer but is not warranted pass 7 days.

9- In most cases your balance will carry over to separate visits to the restaurant - as long as all the balance is used within 7 days

8- The delivery policy is within 24 hours, however orders can often be processed and delivered much quicker, but you should not count on that happening.

Card Stock Coupons

These are mostly the Free Combo Meal type coupons, and as they are physical cards they have to be sent through the postal service

These coupons require a separate shopping cart checkout from the digital offers above on this page.

Red Lobster - click here

Carl Jr / Hardee's - click here

Taco Bell - click here

Subway - click here

Bojangles - click here

Pizza Hut - click here

Olive Garden - click here

Qdoba - click here

The Habit - click here

Burger King - click here

Wendy's - click here

Pei Wei - click here

Cicis - click here

OutBack - click here

Sheetz - click here

TGFI's - click here

Cafe Rio - click here

Starbucks -click here

Zaxby's - click here

Domino's Pizza - click here

Smokey Bones Bar & Grille - click here

Lowes and Home Depot Home Coupons
Available by CLICKING HERE

Looking for a specific coupon?
write to me at: morevaluecoupons@gmail.com

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