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At Lowes & Home Depot - and - America's Favorite Restaurants

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Every effort is made to provide a trusted source for the purchase of coupons. In the pursuit of that goal I have sold thousands of coupons since opening in early 2012 to the satisfaction of many, many people. If for any reason the coupon does not work or you are not happy with your purchase I will refund the purchase price, no questions asked. All you have to do is communicate with me should you have any problems (the contact info is at the bottom of this page). While there are some issues that are involved in the coupon marketplace that are out of my control, and although I can not control these external issues - I can make things right with you my customer.

This site currently provides 2 types of coupons.

The first type of coupons are to home building and garden centers. Primarily Lowes and Home Depot. These coupons are some of the most valuable coupons that can be found anywhere. They provide instant savings and the digital ones require no shipping.The coupons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are emailed to you immediately after payment is received. Print it out and head to the store or use it online. The only exception to this is the competitor coupon that is used at Home Depot and that coupon is printed on hard-stock paper - like a business card - and it has to be mailed to you via the USPS.

The second type are coupons / vouchers to some of America's favorite restaurants. These are not the buy one get one free type of coupons but are the type that the whole order is free - including drinks. Again frequently using these could save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year. All of the food coupons / Vouchers are mailed 1st class postage through the USPS.


Q - I have coupons with the same code. What should I do?
A - In almost every case this is the result of someone just looking at the last few digits of a code. Always look at the whole number and you will see that each coupon has a unique code.

Q - Is there a way to test the code before going to Lowes?
A - Yes, you can check it by going through the steps of making a purchase at Of course you would cancel the order before completing it. You can see the steps of this process by Clicking Here

Q - I do not see the order in my email "inbox". What should I do?
A - In this case always check your junk / spam folder. Mail servers have different filters and the slightest issue can cause mail to go to your junk mail. I would highly recommend placing my email addresses to your safe list. Each mail servers have different ways of doing this and it is generally very easy to do. Just google how for your particular email server i.e., How do I add email address to safe senders' list for gmail (yahoo, comcast or whichever one you use).

The email addresses that are important to add are: (this is the one used by the auto-delivery system and is most important) (this is the work address I use to communicate)

Finally - write to me at - if you fail to locate it in your junk mail.

Q - Are there any another reason why I do not see the order in my inbox?
A - Yes - there are 2 other possiblities.
First - The auto-delivery system sends the order to your email address associated with your PayPal payment. If that email address is wrong - the order is going to a bad address. In this case please write and advise the correct address and it would be good also to take the reminder at this time to correct it in your PayPal account.
Second - Another reason is that perodically PayPal is doing maintenance type work which causes payment notifications. Again write to me if very much time has pass and you have not received the order.

Q - What happens if my coupon doesn't work?
A - Email or text me. My contact information is at the bottom of the page. I generally will get back to you quickly and will provide a replacement.

Q - What happens if I lose my coupon?
A - Again, just write to me and I can re-send it