Manufacturer Coupons

Significant Savings With Each Coupon

New List as of 7/15/19

Manufacturer Coupons

I have tried to make this an easy process, because in addition to helping you save money - I want the process to be simple.

When looking through these coupons you will quickly discover that they all provide extraordinary savings - Savings that you have not likely seen elsewhere.

Here are the details:

* MINIMUM QUANTITY: The minimum quantity purchased for any item is 5 coupons.

* MINIMUM PURCHASE: The minimum order purchase price is $75.

* Per Coupon Cost: Unless otherwise indicated the coupons cost $2.35 each. There are some premium coupons indicated on the price list page.

* USPS FIRST CLASS: First class shipping may be purchased on any order under $100 for $2.79.

* USPS PRIORITY MAIL: Must be purchased for a discounted rate of $5.49 on all orders over $100. 100% FREE Priority Shipping is offered on all purchases of $200+. Please Note: USPS Priority Shipping costs $6.95 in-store and on website.

* USPS EXPRESS MAIL: May be purchased for a reduced rate of $20.95 on any order.

Now at this point all you need to do is go through the inventory of coupons ... and pick out the ones you want and how many. When you have all your list together just send it to me in an email at:

- you can send it as a notepad attachment or just paste it in the body of the email.

Once I have your list I will send you an invoice and after payment is made I will process the order. All you do from that point is wait for them to be sent in the mail to the address you provided. It will take 7-10 days generally.

Easy - right?