AMC Theater Discount Codes

Hugh 35% Savings!


This is a little different than the other food coupons. I will send a jpg image with a QR code and a Numerical code. You can print this image as a a paper version of the code and this will work fine for you and nothing else is really needed. The image below is an example of what would be emailed to you.

For my personal use however, I like to use the app "CARD SMASH" which is a digital wallet to store gift certificates. It can also be used to create the QR codes. This really makes it Much easier to scan the code directly from your phone versus using a paper certificate.

The app "CARD SMASH" can be download from the following links, or if the links ever change just do a search for "CARD SMASH" is your app store:

itunes-Apple - Click Here

Google Play Store - Click Here

This app is really simple to use and is basically a digital wallet to store gift cards, you can just show the code from your phone at the check-out using the Card Smash wallet (app).


The codes come to me in different amounts and it would be impossible to list them all with a payment button. I will keep Buy it Now buttons for a few price levels- as you can see below - for those wanting quick access.

You can also email me to buy any amount of credit you like. I will then invoice you and once payment received I will provide the credit to equal your purchase.

You will always received 35% or more in savings.

Each level provides the 35% savings when you use them. When the codes are sent to you - it may take only one code to equal your purchase or in may take 2 or more. In any event, the total will be for at least the amount you ordered.

AMC Theater $20 Credit
Your cost: $13.00
Sent Via Email

AMC Theater $50 Credit
Your cost: $32.50
Sent Via Email

AMC Theater $100 Credit
Your cost: $65.00
Sent Via Email