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Remember to always keep your receipts. If you miss a discount you can often times take the receipt back to customer service within 30 days of the date of purchase along with one of these working coupons, and they will retroactively honor the discount either with cash back or credit added back on your credit card.

General Information

The coupons are good for one time use and each offers certain advantages. There are some minor limitations that you can read once you receive the coupon. Other than that you are good to go with almost all store products.

Orders are now sent automatically - usually within 2 minutes- after PayPal has notified us of a payment - there should be rare & few exceptions. If you do not receive your order and it has been longer than 30 minutes since it was placed - please email, text or, call. Your order will be given top priority so you can have immediate use of your purchase.

The coupons are sent as a PDF attachment document. Once you receive them they can immediately be print for use, or you can simply have the cashier scanned the coupon bar-code from your smart phone.

Currently Available Coupons

Most coupons are digital and Sent By Email For Fast Delivery
... with the 2 exceptions of the Competitor Coupon for use at Home Depot
and also, all the Food Vouchers
That Are Sent Through The USPS

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10% off to $5,000
Lowes Home Centers
Exp: 3/31/2018

$10 off $50
Lowes Home Centers
Exp: 2-28-18

$15 off $75
Lowes Home Centers
Exp: 3/4/2018

$20 off $100
Lowes Home Centers
Exp: 3/7/2018

$20 off $200
Exp: 2/28/18

Competitor 10% off
Sent USPS Postal Mail
Exp: 6/15/2018

Restaurant Savings
Favorite Places
No Expiration

Always looking
to save you

Always looking
to save you

$15 off $50
Lowes Home Centers
Currently Discontinued

$40 off $200
Lowes Home Centers
Currently Discontinued

$60 off $400
Lowes Home Centers
Currently Discontinued


Please remember - the purpose of this site is to help you save money on
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